Why Us?



Our promise

Our brand promise is to provide you with the most fulfilling professional relationship you will experience, period.

When addressing your next taxation, financial or retirement planning issue we ask that you consider whether we can be of more assistance than your currently receiving.

We already know the answer.


Why us?

We are not your average country based accounting firm that deliver the basic compliance service and advice to our clients. In developing our service offerings and building a network of professionals with an extensive knowledge base from which to draw from we haven’t tripped over the same hurdle our competitors fall at; that is considering their own interests to be more important than their clients.


The results

We've delivered excellent results for our clients and the proof is in the results.


1000+ clients


>99% of clients retained


We are unique

We are great at what we do and we need you to understand that.

We don’t let the tyranny of distance stand in the way of servicing our clients.

We choose to live in the bush because we love the lifestyle it provides our families.

What we don’t choose to do is limit ourselves professionally as a sacrifice for enjoying the rural lifestyle.

We enjoy the best of both worlds.


What this means

If that means we need to jump on the next flight to come and assist, then so be it.

If that means we need to pay for the initial specialist opinion in order to ensure you are getting the best advice, then consider it done.

If we have to stay late to return your phone calls and emails so you have an extra night to think about the issues at hand, we don’t complain.

If, in the pursuit of fulfilling our brand promise we cost ourselves money but deliver the best outcome for our clients, then it’s the best money we have ever spent.

Grow your business

Make a move towards success