Somebody always stands out


I recently had the opportunity to assist one of DHM’s clients with the recruitment process for their new receptionist. Previously, I had assisted DHM with its own internal recruitment process but never directly with a client.

Recruitment is a very difficult process. I have found with experience that it usually takes a few years of working side by side somebody in your organisation before you know definitely whether they are suited to the role you need them to play. In recruitment, you have about a half hour to work that out, which is very challenging.

One way to overcome that challenge is to know exactly the type of person you require to fit your job and your organisation before sitting down to start the interview process. In our discussions with the client we focused on trying to picture the exact type of person that would fit with the culture of their organisation, the type of clients they service and the skills they would be required to demonstrate. From this, we were able to get on the same page and I had a clear vision of the type of person we wanted to walk through that door.

Over the course of the day we had many fantastic applicants who each brought something a little different and were unique in their own way, however through no fault of their own there were question marks after each interview. The applicants were obviously not aware of the specific personality type we were chasing, which gives each applicant a chance to just be themselves through the process. That suits them, and it suits us as well.

I promised our client at the start of the day that given the criteria they have set, there will be a stand out candidate come through where you know straight away they will fit right in. With one candidate left to interview that day there was no point pretending that promise may well be left unfulfilled. The discussion had already moved towards organising another day and another set of applicants to interview when our final applicant walked through the door. I knew straight away that she was going to be the stand out and I slipped into observation mode rather than question mode and started taking more note of the chemistry between the soon-to-be new employee and her new boss.

It clicked; she ticked all the boxes and left our client with a giant grin on her face when she walked out of the room. There was very little discussion about whether she was the best candidate, it was simply how soon she would be able to start. Recruitment can be a very rewarding process and it was great to be asked by our client to share that experience with them.

DHM Partners can get involved in a start to finish process where we sit down and help you work out exactly what you are looking for, create and run the advertisement, receive the applicants and assist you to go through them, supply our offices for interviews and sit in on the interviews themselves, follow up the unsuccessful applicants and assist with the setup of your new employee in your business. If this service is something that might interest you please be in touch.

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